Are You Hurting Your Career? 3 Things You Should Pay Attention To!

Boardroom-meeting-620x480There are many ways that you could hurt your career and get fired  – the obvious:  insubordination, very poor work performance, stealing from your employer, not showing up for work or always being late. (Who does that?) But, there are some things that may not be as obvious. Here are 3 things that you need to pay attention to:

1). Not Speaking Up Enough: At some companies there are managers that like to be surrounded by the “yes man” type. However, if your voice is not being heard enough or if you are always the “yes-you-are-right-and-I-never-have-an-opinion” type, this could potentially hurt your career. For example, if you attend weekly department team meetings, how often do you openly agree or disagree with an idea or policy change that is being proposed? How often to you provide suggestions? It doesn’t mean that you should push back on every disagreement, but when you have something to say and if you are in an environment where you are allowed to bring your point across, it does give meaning to your candid opinion when it matters and when you can make a positive difference. Just remember to keep it professional, especially when you strongly disagree with a certain topic.

2). Not Showing Versatility in What You Are Good At or Being Too Good at One Thing: Generally speaking, the better you are at a task, the more you will be asked to do it. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should sabotage your work by doing a bad job on the work that you dislike–(that could get you fired), but you should always look for opportunities to show your manager that you are good at other tasks as well. It also doesn’t mean that you have to be a “Jack-or-Jane-of-all-trades-master-of- none, but show your employer that you are really good at doing a few other things as well. You never know when that can positively show up in a review for a raise or when you are being considered for a promotion.

3). Being the Anti-Social Employee and Not Participating in Workplace Social Events: Sure, we all have a life outside of work and let’s face it, there are some co-workers and managers that we just don’t want to see outside of work. But, if you want to continue getting ahead or climbing the professional ladder at your current company, you will have to make a few appearances at some point at social events—WITH your co-workers! If you make it a habit to skip too many events, it can send out a message that you are not really interested in building work relationships with your colleagues and this could also potentially damage your career and reputation at work.

The Lesson Here: Pay attention to your career, especially when you are trying to get ahead! It could save you unneeded stress in the long run!

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    This was awesome and right in time. It was a hard truth I needed to hear.

    • 2

      Tiya, happy to hear you enjoyed the article. For me, “not speaking up enough” was something that I literally learned the hard way. I wasn’t always vocal in meetings for fear that my opinions may be taken the wrong way or at times I just wanted to keep up the image of being a “good” employee and going with the flow. I eventually learned that some managers took this as me not being fully engaged in my work or maybe not even caring about the work. But, once I got over my fear, you better believe in my last role I never shut up….my supervisor told me that I always had something to say, but she appreciated it! -Wendy

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